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Keys to the Demon Prison (Fablehaven #5)

Keys to the Demon Prison  - Brandon Dorman, Brandon Mull

The final book of the series! And I have to say I am so impressed with how the story wraps up. The final solution is clever and smart--and completely believable (assuming you can handle the dragons, wyverns, demons, etc etc).

I also very much like how Mull includes a final chapter on how this really is the last in the series. There will be no surprise continuations in a few years. He is moving onto other things. Which is great--maybe we will see some of these characters again, or maybe not. It will not be in the context of Fablehaven, in any case. I think with a middle grade/YA series (this series kind of straddles that divide) it is even more important to just end it. The audience shifts as kids become old enough to read these, and the others age out. My 7th grader finished this last fall, he has read 1+ a year since 4th grade. His reading has improved dramatically over that time. But he too is ready to move on. This was his favorite of the series.