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The Nest

The Nest - Cynthia D`Aprix Sweeney

What happens when four middle-aged siblings, raised by a narcissistic mother and a late largely absent (working) father, find out that the NEST egg trust fund their father set up for them to receive in mid-life is going to be much less money than they expected? Only because their mother used to save her favorite from a legal issue? Anger. Betrayal. Reflection. Appreciation. And the 3 unfavorites discover they like each other more than they realized.

A clever idea interestingly written. Most of the characters are fairly despicable--the favorite brat (Leo), the sad writer whose promising career flamed out (Bea), the gay man who can't keep a business afloat and lets his well-paid lawyer husband bail him out repeatedly (Jack), and the needy cryer (Melody). And of course mom (Francie), who uses her children's nest egg for her favorite so that she doesn't have to dip into her own funds. Sweeney did a good job writing such different characters, as well as writing very different spouses/significant others, children, co-workers, neighbors.

I found the end a little too pat and unlikely, though Bea is definitely the most realistic of the siblings. And, as Walt says, "It will all work out."