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Aquarium - David Vann

Narrated by future Caitlin, she tells a story of 6th grade. She is 12, her best friend is Shalini, and Caitlin and her mom live in an industrial part of town. Sheri, her mom, works long hours for low pay. Caitlin is dropped at school 1.5 hours early every day, and walks to the aquarium every day after school, as an adult she can't believe she was allowed to walk that long street alone. There, she meets a friendly old man who also hangs at the aquarium in the afternoons. They discuss fish. It feels creepy. She admits it felt a little creepy to her, but she was so lonely she didn't care.

But it's not what it seems--to Cailtin, to her mother when she finds out, to the police, or the social services.

A decent read, but it all wraps up way too neatly.

This book is also luxurious--thick paper, 2-color printing on every page, and occasional full color images of fish discussed in the book. Lots of fish and sea talk and metaphors, which didn't bother me but might turn others off. To me it was appropriate to the narrator--discussing a time in her life when fish and ichthyology were her favorite things.