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Golden Age

Golden Age: A novel (Last Hundred Years: a Family Saga) - Jane Smiley

The final book in the trilogy!

Smiley continues with the different generations of the Langdon family. I had a little trouble remembering who was who at first, since it took months and months ot get this from my library queue.

The only odd thing about this book is how she works very hard to get someone in the family involved in what feels like every major event of the last 30 years. Or maybe it feels that way to me, since I remember those years. Maybe others felt that way about the last book too? But then, this is a large family, much larger than mine, so maybe it's not that strange.

It also felt a bit weird how she continued the story for a few years past the publishing date. They are a wee bit more vague (the 2016 presidential election winner nor their party is named, for example). How real with these chapters feel in 2 years?

I especially enjoyed--and was mind-bogglingly frustrated by—the sociopathic Michael, his right-wing nutjob wife, and his thieving corporate cronies who are never punished. Grrrrrr...just how I feel when I read the news.