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Nervous Conditions

Nervous Conditions - Tsitsi Dangarembga

This is a heartbreaking novel about colonialization and the mission system. Those who play the game of the missionaries and are held up as examples carry a heavy weight--they must continue to please the missionaries (to keep their jobs), and they must serve their families as the head of the family. A man like Babamukuru, as eldest son, had the responsibility as head of the extended family. As a graduate of mission schools and English universities, he can do that. But he has also lost the respect of his children, and of his extended family who seen him as their own personal bank.

I actually wish this novel were longer. I would love to know more about Tambudzai's mother, and how she came to be with her father. I would love to know if Jeremiah had always been so unreliable, or if he chose to coast on his brother's success. I would love to know more about Maiguru's education and job, and more about Nyasha's experiences in England. And I would like to know much of this is autobiographical? I want to know more, and to have the different experiences fleshed out more.