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Earthboy Jacobus

Earthboy Jacobus Graphic Novel - Doug TenNapel

My second YA graphic novel review of the day. I have been hit by my second horrible bout of sinusitis this winter, and am having a horrible time concentrating on much of anything—fiction, nonfiction, my crochet project, baking, TV, anything. But these two graphic novels were readable. I may dig into a YA novel tomorrow, if I still feel awful. I don't even think I'm contagious!




This is the last TenNapel book from the huge haul my 7th grader got from the library a few weeks ago. I am not the target demographic for these books, so I always struggle with rating them.

I actually liked this one more than most of the others. The story was not as jumpy, and was actually TOLD within the comic (rather than leaving the reader trying to figure out what is going on).

However, as usual, I think this one is just soooo far fetched. Yes, it's clever, but it's too clever. Terra whales. Ectoids. Weird hands. A parallel universe. A dog in a exoskin. But this story is at least straightforward.