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The Fishermen

The Fishermen - Chigozie John Obioma

The Fishermen are the 4 oldest brothers in a family of 6 children. They live in 1990s Akure, Nigeria (where the author is from, originally). They live in house with a compound, and their father works for the Bank of Nigeria. When he is transferred to a less-safe city a 15-hour drive away, the family stays put while he visits regularly. And it is at that point that the family begins to come apart, as narrated by the youngest of the Fishermen, Ben. The local madman makes a prophecy, and the oldest begins to fear.

This story illustrates the interesting mix of of religions in Akure: Christianity (of several denominations, the Fishermens' family attends the Assemblies of God Church), Muslim, and an underlying belief in signs, prophecies, and superstition. This book is certainly interesting, but as the mother of teenage boys, I could only relate to the mom in this book, and I felt so much for her. And I could understand her—and I really just wanted all the bad stuff to go away.