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I, Robot

I, Robot - Isaac Asimov

Interesting little book, if out of date. And apparently the movie (hyped on my edition's cover) is nothing like the book. My dad had seen the movie but never read the book (I was shocked—and my Asimov fan of a brother had not read nor seen), and we were talking about two completely different stories.

What did I like about the book? It is a set of short stories mostly revolving around Susan Calvin, robopsychologist at US Robotics, around the turn of the 21st century. She is talking to a reporter after her retirement, and explaining these incidents where the robots' interpretations of the "three laws of robotics" caused them to do things no one predicted or understood. She was often brought in to figure out and solve the problems.

Interesting, but odd-to-weird about AI/robots that are not at all like what we ended up with. Especially the man-shaped oversize robots. Kind of creepy—but I guess when Asimov was writing, the idea of thinking machines was odd and a bit creepy.


Now, back to the cover of my edition. Will Smith, from the movie, and the line "One Man Saw It Coming". That has absolutely nothing to do with the book.