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The Secret Chord

The Secret Chord: A Novel - Geraldine Brooks

I have loved 3 of Geraldine Brooks' novels. This one, though, fell flat for me.


I did not find Natan's narration—exciting? interesting? Basically, it was just dry. Natan does explain how, as seer, he must accept what he sees and not try to change things. So he tries to calmly accept what bad things he knows will come, no matter how hard it is. This stoic attitude carries through his narration. I did not enjoy the style at all.


I do not know the story of King David, his nephews, wives, and children—names or relationships. I do not know the ancient placenames and peoples/tribes in the areas that are now Israel, Jordan, and Syria. And while this book has a map on the endpapers and a list of David's relatives and supporters—many places and peoples and individuals mentioned are not on the map or list. Which made for  frustrating read.