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Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (Fablehaven 4)

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (Fablehaven) - Brandon Mull

I am continually impressed with this middle grade series. I have to think it was outlined well in advance, as details from past books come into play in this volume. I can also see why my son likes these books so much, even though he is getting old for them (13). His reading skills and speed have improved as we has worked his way through this series over the last couple of years (yes, he reads other things too—for school and for pleasure).

Kendra has been studying Patton Burgess' journal, secretly written in a fairy language. She learns where he has hidden a key to one of the artifacts they are trying to collect to keep them safe from the Sphinx and the Society of the Evening Star. The Knights of the Dawn must send a team to Wyrmroost, a secret dragon sanctuary where humans have no guarantee of safety. They must collect a key from the dragon temple, off limits to all. What skills will be needed? Who will make the trip? Who will survive? How might they succeed in this quest?


I highly recommend this series for grades 3-8—4th-6th is the ideal age range. But these are OK for younger kids who are strong readers, and older kids with a lower reading level won't find them too young.