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The Story of My Teeth

The Story of My Teeth - Christina MacSweeney, Valeria Luiselli

A very odd little book. Reads as being annoyingly experimental.

And it is experimental, as the author explains in the afterword—she wrote it as a serial, for and with workers at a Jumex plant in Mexico (the actual setting of parts of the book). So, she wrote a section, they discussed it and were taped (unknown to them), she listened to the recordings and wrote the next installment. Which is interesting, but it would have been nice to know that at the start.

She also discusses her belief that a translation does not need to be exact, because that makes it awkward. So she readily admits the English version is not the same as the original Spanish version. The weird timeline at the end is not in the Spanish version at all, and was actually written by the translator.

So an interesting experiment. But one of the best books of 2015? No way.