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Pamela: Or Virtue Rewarded (Oxford World's Classics) - Alice Wakely, Samuel Richardson, Tom Keymer

I did it!! It took me 4.5 weeks, but I READ PAMELA!

I actually enjoyed the first half or so, as Pamela tried to find her new place in the household; and then as she tried to negotiate an escape. But the last 150 pages was just a slog. The book got too preachy (the rules, ugh!), and too dragged out as Pamela put off the marriage, and put off the marriage, and then had to slowly meet the neighbors, and then meet another set of neighbors at another house. And so on.

I found the most interesting things to be
1) that Mr B's behavior in the first half of the book was acceptable--now I know that trying to seduce his young servant might actually have been unusual in that he did not just rape her or use his power over her job to seduce her. But kidnapping? Holding her against her and her parents' will?
2) the slow pace of life. As Pamela is kept a prisoner for weeks, all she can do is write. Write and wait. Hope her letters get to her parents, hope they got her earlier letters. And what did she do all day? Just write? She was not working, nor exploring, nor reading. Just writing and sitting around? That must have been unusual--and boring--for a girl used to working, just as we today would have issues with all of the waiting to hear.

Phew! I am so glad to be done, but I am also so glad to have read this.