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The Golden Goblet

The Golden Goblet (Newbery Library, Puffin) - Eloise Jarvis McGraw

This Newbery Honor book is part of the 6th grade curriculum in my kids' district, and my now-7th-grader wanted me to read it too. (FWIW, it was his second favorite assigned book in 6th grade--The Phantom Tollbooth was #1.)

Ranofer, recently orphaned, is now living with and working for his much older half brother Gebu. With his goldsmith father's death went his dreams of being apprenticed to one of the master goldsmiths in ancient Thebes. Gebu is a bully, and is not good to Ranofer. Can Ranofer solve the mystery of Gebu's nighttime forays? And can he find a way to be an apprentice goldsmith?

This novel has good middle-grade pacing, and lots of age appropriate information on Ancient Egypt.