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The Devil and Miss Prym

The Devil and Miss Prym - Paulo Coelho, Nick Caistor, Amanda Hopkinson

This small book packs a lot behind it. This book is a psychological study of good vs evil, of life in a small dying town, and a thriller to boot.


Chantal Prym is on of the youngest people left in the town of Viscos. Her friends and peers have all left, her close relatives all deceased. She feels trapped, with no close friends, and her social life revolves around her bartending job at the town's hotel. A stranger comes to town, and makes a deal with her, and with the town—and she is to be his mouthpiece.


What are the townspeople willing to do for gold? For enough gold to revitalize their town (or to run from it themselves). And poor Miss Prym has the most to consider, as she has been chosen as his "accomplice".


The ending of the book completely surprised me—I could see several possibilities, but the actual ending was not one I expected or considered