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This heat is killing me!

I have been spending an unusual amount of time away from my computer due to our fourth ridiculous September heat wave in the last four years. Of course, in those four years, we haven't really had a winter either.


So, it has been over 80 degrees inside my house for at least the last 4 weeks--often over 85--and I have been avoiding the computer, the vacuum, the stove, and anything else that spits out heat.


I have been reading less (it's too hot!), cleaning less (ditto), cooking less, crafting more (because I can sit in one place with the fan on me), and riding my bike more while running less.


I have a lot of updating to do here, but it is unlikely to get done until it cools off. If it cools off?


For the gardeners out there, I planted zucchini seeds in mid August. I harvested 2 zucchini 35 days later. The package says 50 days to harvest, and I suspect they meant during longer bouts of daylight. But all these 90 and 95 degree days did the trick.


Stay cool!