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The Lonely Girl (The Country Girls #2)

The Lonely Girl - Edna O'Brien

Also published as Girl with Green Eyes, The Lonely Girl is the second book in Edna O'Brien's Country Girls trilogy. Both books one and two are on the 1001 books list.


In The Lonely Girls, Caithleen and Baba are grown up. They are renting a room in Dublin, working, and trying to meet men. And their relationship has not really changed. Baba is the bossy one who finds parties to crash and meets men seemingly effortlessly. Caithleen follows along. And, as Baba finds shocking—it is Caithleen who attracts a man.


Caithleen may be an adult, but she has not grown up. She is still the daughter of her alcoholic father and deceased mother. She wants to please. She will do anything to avoid upsetting anyone. And she can't seem to make her own decisions, as she changes her opinions to the person she is with. And this is not the way to have a relationship.