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Penguin's First to Read Program

Is anyone else out there a member of Penguin's First to Read program?


I "won" my first book this week. I downloaded it. I have Adobe Digital Editions on my computer already. But I cannot get it open. I need to choose (from an existing list) the "eBook vendor". First to Read is not a vendor, nor is Penguin. Penguin Books Australia is, but since I am in the US I really doubt that is what I want.


I messaged First to Read through their website and posted on their facebook page earlier this week. I have gotten no response from either. The little bit of info they have on how to log in must be past this window. They also have a link to ADE to ask questions of them.


OK—so I go to ADE. They have FAQs (this issue is not addressed) and suggest chat or forums. So I go search the forums. My question has been asked many times--and as far as I can see, it has never been answered. I really have no interest in a chat, based on too many customer service chat experiences, I know I will spend an hour with no answer.


Has anyone successfully opened one of these files? I would rather read it on my computer than on my phone.