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Brian's Winter (Hatchet alternate ending)

Brian's Winter - Gary Paulsen

This is one of the 2 books my incoming 7th grader chose from his summer reading list. He did not much enjoy Hatchet (and neither did I), but the short length of this one still sold him. I read it after he did, per his request.


And we both enjoyed this one much more than Hatchet. The boy found Hatchet to be "very repetitive", and this one not so much.


For me, it was the whining. I fully realize a tween stuck in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash might be a little whiney, but still. The Brian in Hatchet is sooooo whiney. The Brian in this book is confident in his ingenuity and abilities. Yes he still makes mistakes, and yes he gets lucky, but he recognizes those things and the whining is limited.


And Betty is the bomb.