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The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

I usually avoid books that are regularly compared to other books. And I have heard and read sooo many times that this book is like Gone Girl. And I was avoiding this one, until it popped up in my closest little free library.

And I can see why this book gets the comparison, but at the same time there is no comparison. While GG focused on sociopaths (whose lack of empathy makes it impossible, to guess their next move), this book focuses on Rachel, an alcoholic. So, she may have blackouts and issues, but the issues are not the same ad the comparison does not ring completely true.

So, I did enjoy this. However, there were 3 key sentences that, put together, give you the answer to the mystery. After you get that third sentence (assuming you have been paying attention), the book gets slow as you wait for it to wrap up. If you miss or don't remember one of those sentences, this might be a real thriller to the end. It wasn't for me.