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Early Warning

Early Warning: A novel - Jane Smiley

Well, where to begin.


I read Some Luck last November—you would think that maybe I would learn to wait for an entire series to be out, but I haven't. So starting this book, I found I had really forgotten a lot of the characters and their details. I was lost! And I know that will happen with book 3 as well.Thank goodness for the family tree at the beginning; I was looking at it a whole lot. Yet even nearing the end of the book, I had no idea who Eunice was. Smiley does give some clues, I guess to help readers like me!


This novel is certainly readable, and I personally love the year-by-year format. This time around, though, it felt as though Smiley tried waaaaaaay too hard to have the Langdon family involved in every single event that happened. The People's Temple! The Ambassador Hotel! Iran! CIA insider! Electroshock treatments! Oil insider! Vietnam! Adoption! AIDS! Breast cancer! Divorce! Though obviously Vietnam, breast cancer, and quite likely adoption and AIDS can probably be found in the histories of many or most American families, I don't think the others are quite so likely. And certainly not all of them—and certainly not all of them happening to a family that was still on the farm in 1930.


Nonetheless, this won't stop me from reading book 3 when it comes out. Even though I probably won't remember much of this one.