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Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses - Mimi Zeiger

Tiny Houses showcases 35 tiny (and some not-so-tiny) houses designed and built by architects and design studios around the world. Some very nice photography shows off the unique character of each design.


So this book is certainly interesting to those interested in sustainability, downsizing, and small-scale living. My only complaints are that several of these are not "tiny", because is any home over 1000 sq ft "tiny"; while others are not "houses". Several admit to being vacation or hunting cabins—and are thus very spare or meant to house just one person. Others are more like dorm rooms—a freestanding building that uses a shared bathroom space. I found the most interesting to be those that are truly "tiny houses", a small building with sleeping, cooking, bathroom, storage, and living spaces for 2 or even 3 people included.