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With only three sections and no chapters, this book is a wall of text.


But it's a clever and rather fascinating book. Kevin Quinn is our narrator—really, we spend the book in his head. We spend a day, or part of a day, with Kevin as he heads to a job interview for a job he's not even sure he wants. And as he spends the day in Austin we meet the people he meets, and get a glimpse of life in Austin. And it's a ridiculous yet not ridiculous day at all. Perhaps a typical day for a middle-aged man who arrives for a job interview in an unknown city hours early. He is bound to meet someone, bound to be unprepared, and bound to have something go wrong.

Of course, we also learn all about his past—past loves, his childhood, the choices he has made and how he feels about those choices now that he is middle aged. Does he regret decisions he made? What decision should he make about this interview? Should he even go? What should he do next?