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Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game that Changed Everything - Jennifer  Hawkins, Linus Larsson, Daniel Goldberg

I am trying to get through all of the books my now-7th-grader read for school last year. I am hoping to finish before school starts next week! This was his free choice book for the 6th grade biography unit. He really enjoyed it, so he wanted me to read it too.


This biography looks at the life of Markus Persson—the creator of Minecraft, for those who don't have anyone under the age of 25 at home. From his childhood to his hobby of coding, to his first jobs and his struggle to fit into corporate culture.


Though many elementary kids could read this book, I definitely recommend it for middle grade and up. The author discusses Markus' father's and sister's addiction issues; Markus' struggles with fitting in to a corporate environment; and his dreams of making his own games. Markus successfully walked a fine line of successfully supporting himself while making his dream happen--not an easy thing to do, but this book also somewhat glosses over how difficult it must have been. And how tempting to just quit and go his own way. I feel that many younger kids would simply not understand these parts (and might find them boring)--or they would misinterpret how much of his success is due to a combination of talent and luck. Prudence and care are just as important in Persson's case.