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The Dark Monk

The Dark Monk - Oliver Pötzsch

The Dark Monk is the second in Oliver Pötzsch's Hangman's Daughter series.


The setting: 17th century Bavaria

The characters: Schongau town hangman Jakob Kuisl, his daughter Magdalena, town doctor Simon Fronweiser, and a host of supporting characters. Many of the supporting characters also appeared in book 1

Summary: Once again, Magdalena and Simon are caught in mysterious events occurring in the Priest's Corner region of Bavaria. Will they solve the mystery? Will the hangman be drawn into the mystery? Who are the highway bandits? Will the dangerous fever become as deadly as the plague?


I find Pötzsch's mysteries to be wonderful. They have a lot of local flavor—many of the locations are actual places, and Pötzsch is a direct descendant of the Kuisl hangmen. His stories have a lot of characters, and several interconnected storylines. In spite of this, they are not overly complicated. They are also not gory (yay!) nor are the cozy. Pötzsch has found a happy middle ground.


These books are big sellers in Germany and in translation. They definitely have a different feel than English/American mysteries.