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Truesight - David Stahler Jr.

Truesight is a middle grade—not YA—dystopia. I always struggle with reviewing middle grade books, as I am so far removed from that age.


Would I have liked this book when I was 10–12? Probably

Have either of my kids read it? No, and probably unlikely that they will. One has enough between school summer reading and his merit badge reading list; the other hates to read.



Jacob is 12. Soon, school will end and he will receive his vocation. He hopes he gets music, like his mother, but she is implying he will not.


They live in Harmony, an off-Earth colony that follows the philosophy of Truesight. All children, like Jacob, are genetically engineered to be born blind. Any converts are blinded by choice. The colony has a system of sounders and pathfinders that allow everyone to walk about safely and find their way. They believe that blindness enables them to be purer than seers are. They are not distracted by nor do they care about appearances, and can have a strong inner life and a strong musical life.


But Jacob's friend Delaney is upset by all of this, and wants to leave. And Jacob begins learning that not everything is as perfect as they have been told. He will have to make a decision.



This book ends with a strong cliffhanger, when I was a kid it would have driven me nuts! And I would have been after my mom to get me right back to the library.