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Noah Cho—Why I Teach Diverse Literature

This is a great piece and fully articulates why middle and high school reading lists need to be changed (and are changing).


I would also argue that most white kids do not see them selves in The Scarlet Letter. I sure didn't. Personally I don't need to be able to relate to a story to enjoy it (also, I am far removed from high school). But I was the teen who did not enjoy Pride and Prejudice. I could not relate at all, and the story was just not interesting. At all. But I was lucky to attend a high school that used an odd reading list (so I have been told). We read The Moonstone (loved it), Dune (hated it), The Big Sky (liked it), lots of Steinbeck (loved the long ones, did not like the short ones), Giants in the Earth (great book—this was a hit in my class, the immigrant experience hit close to home for many, even though we weren't Norwegian farmers), Babbitt (loved it, and since we lived in suburban hell it too hit close to home). Of course, we also read Dickens, and Shakespeare, To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, etc etc.