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Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature

Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature - Mimi Zeiger

My 6th grader has been on a tiny house kick, after watching a documentary on Netflix.


He insisted I read this book.


Micro Green has some great photography, and the houses (or, "houses") are arranged by square footage, smallest to largest.


And some of these houses/"houses" are very interesting and clever. The Bridge House (Australia) is my favorite, though the Alligator House (New Orleans) is a close second. The exterior of the Alligator House, however, is quite ugly to me. And it looks horribly out of place on its site.


In any case, though, these are not all houses. Nor are they all tiny. The Bridge House is 1184 square feet, the Alligator is over 800. Neither is tiny by any stretch.


The Mobile Eco Second Home is not a house. At 43 square feet and sleeps 7. It is a stack of bunks that can be wheeled around, and is more permanent than a tent. But that's not a house!


A lot of these houses are very nice if fairly small vacation homes. Storage and functionality is thus not such a requirement as it is in your more typical tiny house.


Today I picked another book up at the library—same author, similar topic. It looks like it is actually full of tiny (and not-so-tiny) houses. The boy is reading it now. I am sure my turn will come.