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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe (Courage) - Daniel Defoe

Well...this one took me awhile. Quite awhile.


Whiney young man won't listen to his father and goes to sea. Has misadventures from day one, but is determined to prove dad wrong. Occasionally wonders if he shouldn't have listened. Enslaved, escapes. Becomes a planter, still wants MORE and to deal in slaves. Ends up shipwrecked. Finds God. Acquires a servant. And then more. And then becomes "governor".


Aye yi yi. I did enjoy Crusoe on his island, as he had to do his best with what he could salvage from the ship and what he could find on the island. But the rest...meh.


I can, however, see how this book would have been very popular with tween/teen boys in the past.


But—another 1001 books list book done!