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Today turned into an extra crazy Wednesday. Breakfast—make 2 lunches—run (while husband takes kid 2 to school and heads to work)—shower quickly—rush kid 1 to school for late start—drop kid 2's forgotten lunch at school (he has gotten to 6th grade before forgetting his lunch, woo-hoo!)—library—grocery store—put away groceries—start laundry—lunch/read—unload dishwasher—load dishwasher—stretch back which has tightened horribly (and repeat every 20 minutes for rest of day)—start dinner—etc etc.


But I got to the library 20 minutes before they opened. And the star jasmine is blooming outside. There is nothing quite like a relaxing read while sitting in a cloud of star jasmine, they smell so wonderful.


And then I picked up my book on hold. Now there's an oops!