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Yesterday I carpooled kids to a frosh/soph track meet. I had two books on hand in case I had to stay for the entire event, but I didn't. I did find myself reading though. Because how many 1600m heats can one person watch? 7 minutes line up to final call per heat meant over 50 minutes of 1600m.


I was not the only spectator reading—but I think everyone else had magazines.


Today was the LA Times Festival of Books! I saw no ticketed events (tix for the big events are long gone), because until 3 days ago I thought I would have to attend the big Star Wars fest in Anaheim. But a reprieve!


It was hot. It turned into a zoo by 2:30 pm. But lunch was good, I bought nothing for me, and happily spent 3 hours looking at books and booths and listening to music. A great day—and I picked 3 books up at the library before we went. All good, and the 6th grader had fun too.


The Penguin truck is my happy place. I love Penguin Classics, even if they don't smell as good as they used to.